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The best Mafia Games list

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51 Gangstersquad
1 493
New mafia browser game
Weekly new updates
Come and play, for alot of fun times :D
52 Legacy
0 462
Gangster texted based game. Is in our current time period. Crimes, GTAs, Missions, gambling and much more. Game is currently underdevelopment, but is at the stage of having beta testers. Also looking
53 modernmafia
0 431
Text based Mafia Game
54 Pocket mafia
0 415
Welcome to Pocket Mafia: The largest, most open-ended Mafia MMORPG. Explore 8 different cities, engage in gang wars, and run a business. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top?
55 Killah City
1 405
Want to rule,kill and be the rich man?
Well dont just stand there fool!
Join Killah City and experience crimes, houses, clans and gym!

56 GBMafia: Give Respect, Get Respect
0 376
Start life as a humble Tramp in the world of GBMafia, do crimes, earn money and kill players on your way up to becoming a feared mafioso!
57 Elite Avengers
0 371
Join for FREE to see why this text-based game is one of the most addictive online role playing gangster/mafia games on the web today! Commit crimes, steal cars, rob other players, commit an organized crime and many more options to play for free!
58 Bootleggers
0 362
In 1919 it was officially illegal in the United States to sell, manufacture, or distribute alcohol. Americans who liked to tip the bottle did not agree with this. So, many of them created alcohol illegally. An example of this illegal booze was called moon
59 Usmafia
0 362
You are living your life as a normal teen, going to high schoool, playing sports and chillin out at the local juice bar, when one day your cousin Vinnie stumbles through your door bleeding from the chest. He grabs you by the shirt and covers your mouth. W
9 361
where legacies are made
61 gangstersquad
1 344
Join today in this amazing 1900's based mafia game.
0 343
We are a brand new MAFIA role playing game, the best on the internet. Build casinos, build your empire, steal cars, build your own family,kill your way to the top and become The Don. We are also looking for staff (sign up and send an admin the code '1994'
63 WorldStreetGangs
0 335
64 King-Crime
0 334
Come to King-Crime the ultimate maffia game
65 mrsmegz
15 324
A mafia text based game, prizes available. ( looking for active staff)
66 thugkingdom
0 321
new game under developement need testers.
67 Criminal-Ties
0 307
Criminal-Ties is a new browser game that puts you into the world of the hardened criminal. Fight you way up the ranks..
68 Aucklandmafia
0 304
New mafia game
69 Mafiakillers2000
0 302
32 111
Online mafia text based game, Do crimes, char-theft, boat-theft, extortion, oc, prison break, own familys, level up, stock bullets and kevlars, kill users to become the best!
71 Underworld Gangsters (UG)
0 103
Underworld gangsters is a game that has been around for many years and has developed alot there are alot of different features and there is always players online. Sign up now!
106 88
Gangland Mafia also known as GLM, is a game that will make you want to kill and make money.
beware that if you are not all you can be, you will surely die a horrible death.
Be the best gangster you ca
73 DownTown-Mafia
0 88
A text based mafia game who has been online for several years now. There has recently been a reset, which means new changes for everyone! Come and join this fine community today!
74 undercover-mafia
1 85
new mafia game, casino are still available as not many players yet so join now and become the most powerfull on it
75 American Mafia
169 79
An intelligent mafia game that puts you in a strategic position to lead your own crime family, get involved in politics, or become a business man.

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