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The best Mafia Games list

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Rank Site In Out
26 Street-Fight
12 1279
The play opened on 30.06.2010 Street-Fight again a new round. Where it happens even more exciting and nerve-racking as in the previous round. We will also sell you some new features and events jedemen
27 UndeclaredWar
1 1240
You wanna be a Don? Then join and its going to be easy because so far not many people are playing. Lmao
28 DonOfCrime
1 939
Best online mafia game, Join today!
0 916
the latest and hottest mafia rpg game
0 874
Do you remember the prison? The dark room behind the bars? It's all over. You are free and ready for action! Now it's your time to have your own mafia empire. Rackets, fights for influence, business
31 outlaws
0 831
its the best and the next 3 people to join will get admin
32 undercover Criminals
0 817
Join now The Best Onlien Mafia Game
33 GMafia-Family
0 753
Aim to be the best and defeat you enemies no matter what!
34 Pimp-Wars
0 736
This mafia game is like no other!!

Very friendly staff and updates daily :) Come and try it out :)
35 City Gangsters
0 735
CityGangsters has just been released and there is a ton to do! Come join today and rise to the top!
36 BloodZone
0 734
BloodZone is a free, online mafia RPG. It is easy to play and we have a great community.
37 Top Mobster
2 658
Top Mobster is a FREE web based massive multiplayer online game, it is also one of the most popular Mafia text base games on the net. Do you think you have what it takes to be on top?
38 The American Mafia
114 656
Welcome to the Mafia Online Multiplayer Game. You can start your career from a law obiding citizen, or pursue your criminal career. Advance from a simple thug to one of the most powe
39 Legends Of The Mafia
21 584
LOTM join 2day

New online mafia killing game :D
40 Pocket Mafia
0 583
Welcome to Pocket Mafia: The largest, most open-ended Mafia MMORPG. Explore 8 different cities, engage in gang wars, and run a business. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top?
41 Gangster Gods
1 554

Price Bought Credits Won Credit Bonus Reserve Bonus Pay Pal Purchase
42 KyberCrime
5 548
Text browser game
43 crimebloc
0 513
mafia based game.
44 The Mafia Underground
0 511
A ultimate mafia browser game the best of them all! Come join us.
0 503
A highly addictive multiplayer mafia game
46 RedHandMafia
0 494
Want to play a serious game? Try this, you can commit lots of crimes including raiding a dealer, stealing from and in-game player, and stealing cars. With much more check us out now to find out.
47 Smoking Barrels
95 493
Smoking Barrels is a free text based mafia game. No download. You find 1 Million & 50 diamonds in a briefcase! The perfect start to your criminal EMPIRE.
48 Mobster Island
0 493
Not your ordinary walk in the park. Mobster Island has grown out of many attempts to succeed where others have failed. Come see for yourself.
49 Criminal Connection
1 493
Welcome to Criminal Connection - The free text-based Mafia themed MMORPG with gangster and street life game features. The world has sunk into financial crisis. The Governments of many countries have turned towards the Mobs for money to ensure further surv
50 American Mafia Game
0 493
American Mafia, a leading multiplayer online game, offers free passes for all players to join and take part in storylines beyond the basics. You can have your own family, become a Don and run for Federal Elections to get into the White House with the help

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